So I was reading the latest issue of Esquire Magazine at 3am on Saturday (Friday night) and the last thing I read was a section called "What I've Learned." It's where they let various celebrities, politicians, and anybody else who they find interesting tell the readers "what they've learned."


After reading I tried to go to bed, but I began thinking about what I've learned, specifically this past year. So I started jotting on my phone, and what I came up with was:

The Mighty Mighty Mitch Mitchowski's "What I've Learned: 2007"

-Doing is the remedy for doubting.

-I don't love money. I don't even like money. I actually hate money. I
just want a lot of it so that I no longer have to think about it.

-The more you are, the less it takes.

-It can be done.

-We shouldn't look to the government to save the world, or for anyone
to save the world through government. We should be careful of both
lionizing and demonizing individuals in government and politics. I
know its cliche' but we should BE the change we want to see ourselves.

-I need to improve my posture.

-I love a good book, but, I'd rather actually canoe through the amazon,
deep sea dive, and jump out of a plane than read about it. I'd rather play ball than watch it on TV.

-Things I missed in 2007: writing/creating music daily, practicing my martial arts, and Missy Elliott

-Things I just miss period: speaking Spanish, playing basketball,
drawing/art, and having a girlfriend... (sike!)

-You're not qualified to speak about injustice, racism, classism, or prejudice
anywhere in the world unless you treat EVERY person with whom you come into contact equally and with a consistent level of respect.

-The loudest one is usually always the lamest one. Be cool, folk.

-I really appreciate being from Atlanta

-"LOST" really is a phenomenal show. I watched all three seasons within
a month's time. Thanks Nate 1-der, Janelle, and Delvin!

-As a generation, we're less of men than our fathers and grandfathers.
We're way softer, more materialistic, and less responsible. Too many
factors at blame to name. In a fight between 20 somethings and 50
somethings, my money's on the OG's. This transcends race and background.

-Ah ah ah ah ah I'm an alien from outer space!

-Anger can help motivate to a point, but after that point it becomes
counter-productive. It becomes bitterness and you must let it go to continue to
move forward.

-I don't think I'll ever really care about Hip-Hop music as a whole
again. I see myself just liking a song here and there. Same for mainstream R&B.

-I can show you better than I can tell you, and actually I'd prefer to.

-I got flayverrr!

-Accurate Racial profiling equation for 2007: Dodge Charger=Negro behind the
wheel. Go ahead and pull up next to 'em, I'll wait..... See I told you.

-If it can't be said briefly, it probably doesn't need to be said.

-I hate bickering, but I appreciate argument and debate.

-She has to have some soul, and preferably an accent (southern, country, english, foreign)

-Listen to everyone, but know who you're listening to. Because with some people you should do exactly as they tell you, and with others you should do the exact opposite of what they tell you.


Alright y'all, here's to a great Oh Wait! Happy New Year. With Excitivity!


...And a Happy New Year!

Greetings all,

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Just a quick message from me to you.

Well, 2 more days or so and it will be 2008...2008 I said. Remember when it was 2000 and we thought the world was going to blow up? That was 8 years ago! Remember 9/11, that was 7 years ago. Crazy how time flies when...well you know when time flies!

I am looking forward to 2008 more than I have looked forward to any other year. More than the year I was going to turn 16 and drive, more than the year I was going to turn 18 and be able to party hard, more than the year I would be turning 21 and be able to drink...legally. Anyway, this year could be the cornerstone year of my life to date.

In regards to JM and The W.A.S. this is the year that we have been waiting for. A lot will be going on and I'm so ready to take this movement to the masses. It's so exciting but scary at the same time if that makes sense. Everything we have put into the Metropolis project and into the Society will be displayed for all this coming year, that's the exciting part. The scary part is that I see how my phone is steadily ringing with JM inquiries, management inquiries, and so many other things and in all actuality, the mass population doesn't know who we are. So just think when we drop an official JM single, when we debut her 1st video, when we release an album, it's going to be CRAZY!

I've never been the one to shy away from challenges or hard decisions, so believe I'm ready for the Major Leagues. It's just a totally different situation when what you've been talking about for a couple of years is finally on your doorstep ringing the bell.

As I look back on 2007 and think about all that we as a team accomplished, I get a little flustered. When people from all different backgrounds and families come together, start a record label, and put out an album as classic as Metropolis, Suite I of IV: "The Chase", that is a beautiful thing...for real!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday and remember that a new year CAN mean a new you.

Till next year...

Lord Rico

Had a wonderful time in North Augusta, South Carolina for Christmas.

I had a chance to find peace in the green fields, blue sky, and eating
at Ryan's Steakhouse (my fav). Sometimes we need a change of
environment. I needed to clear my mind and I did just that.

I started the year 2008 last week and I am looking forward to 2009.

Thank you all for your love.


(Mii playing golf with my new clubs, new shoes, and new birdie face... Trying to get an eagle.;)

What a blessing it is
to be alive and well.)


When animals attack black

Starring Mitchell Martian as... Black.


Sen. Barack Obama's remarks - Politico Staff - Politico.com

He writes his own speeches.


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The Stars at Night are Big & Bright...

Being home in the big and beautiful state of Texas has given me time to really reflect on many things. One of those things being the reason why we are here in the world. Freud once theorized that the primary human drives for life were to seek pleasure and to avoid pain. Now that is definitely one position but not one that I would rest comfortably on. Upon reading "the five secrets you must discover before you die", a book I strongly recommend thanks to my mentor, I would suggest that it is more about finding happiness and meaning in life. That is, being able to experience joy and a deep sense of contentment on a day to day level.

Being back at square one or home base - the place where everything used to seem so large and expansive - I wish that I would have had this insight a bit earlier. Once I graduated from high school, I attempted to separate myself from all things that were representative of my past and growing up a blue collar country boy. I felt that through the separation I would allow room for a new and brighter life. But over the years and infrequent visits back home I have to come to really embrace my country roots. It is, after all, who I am and I can't remove that fact nor would I want to. This realization has added to my pursuit of happiness and meaning in my existence. And on this trip I have really enjoyed my time here in TEXAS. So now, maybe the the stars at night aren't the only things that are big and bright...maybe my eyes, heart & mind are too.


Merry Christmas Wondaland!

God bless all of you and your families this holiday season. May this
coming year be a magnificent one for all of us. The future is bright.
Walk courageously in darkness! Give and give more.



Me Blackberry, You iChat - Shifting Careers - Small Business - New York Times Blog

Sent from iphonehttp://shiftingcareers.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/12/24/me-blackberry-you-ichat/index.html?ex=1356238800&en=23cb2a3b4a09d9e9&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss


Merry Christmas to all!

Greetings all,

I just want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Remember what it's about, don't get caught up in what you got or didn't get and don't go broke trying to buy people things. I've heard too many people lately getting mad because they can't buy anything or mad because they bought too much and couldn't afford it. That's so wrong because it's like your waiting for this day to be over so you can stop spending or so you don't feel bad about not getting someone anything.

FOCUS people! As the New Year comes upon us try to find something that you want to change or improve on and make it happen in '08. No more procrastinating, no more drama, no more nonsense!

'07 has been a very good year for The W.A.S. and JM and we plan on making '08 an even better one. Thanks to all of our supporters and friends for helping in making '07 a great year!

Till next time...

Lord Rico


Feliz Christmas!

What a grand time we just had a few moments ago. We had our first ever Wondaland Secret Santa. It was a great occasion and everyone really enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with the Wondafam before heading out to respective families. I am headed to Texas in a few days to see my family. I am so excited because it feels like I haven't seen them in a while. I really have the Christmas spirit so I will spend my entire trip just enjoying their presence and company. We have so much fun together and I pray that this year will be no exception. I will be sure to keep you posted on the progress of my trip. Merry Christmas to you and yours. And may all of your wishes come true...


XMAS Might Come Early

Holy Moly!
Don't know if you've heard, but Michael Jackson is supposedly gonna do some live shows in London. Don't know if you've heard, but Eddie Murphy supposedly started a record label.
Could it be? Could we have a reunion of the dynamic duo? Eddie and Mike together again?
Come on Secret Santa!! Come On!!!


Soulful Christmas

under the weather today.

but it's my day to blog.

so here's something to help u get in the holiday spirit.

A few things to reveal...

Chicken chowder prepared by Rocket Wolfmaster Z is undeniably spectacular... especially when you and about 15 others eat it in a log cabin in 30 degree weather.

I do not eat like this too often, but here are some of my favorite meals to chop up:

Smothered pork chops w/ homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet corn or carrots, walnut and cranberry salad w/ ranch dressing, and a sweet roll. 

Fluffy pancakes w/ lots of maple syrup, scrambled eggs w/ cheese, bacon (pork), and a tall glass of orange juice.

Chicken Fettucine Alfredo w/ garlic bread, caesar salad, and a sweet pink lemonade.

Roasted lemon chicken, sweet plantains, black beans over white rice, and fresh lemonade!

A chicken and apple wheat tortilla wrap  w/ pineapples and grapes on the side. An 8 oz bottle of cranberry juice to swallow it down would be delightful. 

I hate onions and tomatoes.

Fresh Things to know about miiii... Y tu? Have a bueno morning, day, evening, or night. Give...

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The Fight For Paper Planes

There are those at the WAS that have a real hankering for M.I.A.--she's a crackerjack, a looker, a distinct sound on an otherwise blah soundscape... I'm not a fan club member, but I did buy the most recent album and I certainly appreciate her intent to shed light on some of the darkest corners of the Earth- the places the so-called 1st and 2nd World's would rather had no brightness, no electricity and no voice.

Anyhoo, my favorite record on the album is called 'Paper Planes.' You may know the child-like and sweet chorus, replete with gun shots and cash register rings. It seems, Ms. M.I.A. has been battling the powers that be over the video and she took to the blog-o-world to tell her truth directly to her fans and supporters...and haters too, i guess.

Big Ups to M.I.A. for giving an internationally heard rap, break-beat and a voice to the less advantaged folk on our planet and for fighting big brother (major industry) to hold on to her artistic vision as she intended it to be (gun shots included). We, at the WAS, most definitely respect that (not the gunshots per se, but her dedication to her aesthetic vision)!

One more thing: HER STYLE IS ILL...don't be shocked if you see me with sequined, tiger striped chucks. Come on Secret Santa!!

Enjoy the video as she intended and have a good booty wiggle...


Attention: All Points Bulletin

Be on the look out for subject: "Archer Farm Pineapple & Habanero Salsa". The subject goes by many aliases including: The Satisfier, Snack Mac, Taste Bud Krack, and Munchie Killer. The suspect is approximately 3 to 4 inches in height and weights precisely 9 ounces. This suspect is very allusive and highly addictive if taken orally or intravenously. Last seen holding four grown men and 1 woman at gun point...well taste point. Beware this subject will completely consume the right side of your brain. Do not attempt to apprehend the suspect. Your best course of action is to reply to this post with the where abouts of the suspect. The W.A.S. has more experience in handling these matters. Crimes include taste cell receptors abduction without a permit and olfactory overload without a license. There are also no known pictures of this suspect but he is readily identified by the tell tell signs of the host who samples the subject. The host will generally experience a euphoria overload and have conversation for hours about food. AGAIN THIS SUSPECT IS VERY ADDICTIVE.


WRAS the Night Before Christmas

WRAS the night before Christmas and all throughout the Wondaland house
every creature was stirring for they knew that in a few hours everyone would be aroused (stimulated emotionally). The elves were busy prepping for the show with care
to ensure that you will be whisked off to the world of Metropolis when you get there.

And just in case you're still groggy or asleep in the bed you can visit www.myspace.com/janellemonae to find out more about what I have said.
Oh, and let me warn you just in case you want to not show up and be wack
we will send someone named Smackous Blackous to straighten you out and have you smacked!

There will be another earth shaking performance:
88.5 WRASFest
290 Martin Luther the King
Atlanta, GA 30312

Starts @ 7pm
$8 Admission


ˈwən-də-ˌland ˈärt, sə-ˈsī-ə-tē

visualthesaurus.com: endless language, wordmining, spider webbing graphic tomfoolery! what a wondaful wondaful wide web world.

Post Script: Enter "wonderland" and you get the above...enter WONDALAND and you'd get something far more fantasmagoric and lovely...websters, visual thesaurus, encyclopedia brittanica are on notice.


Boondocks: The Bible of Blackness

Okay, I'm done with TV.

Well, I've been done with TV for a little while now.

But Boondocks (and a few other rare media treats) aren't TV at all.

They're like a Bible of Blackness, an opiate, and a 1200-page Russian novel all rolled into one.

For proof, see EXHIBIT A: The Boondocks episode I watched last night: The Invasion of the Katrinians....i laughed...i cried..i rolled on the floor...because these fools...well, pictures say a thousand words...

just watch the full episode posted below!



That's Hot!

Greetings all,

Sorry for my late post, I was too busy tanning outside and sipping Pina Colada's this weekend. Well actually I didn't do all that but I could have. It is December and its 75 degrees. That doesn't seem right to me. I'm not a scientist or anything, but whoever doesn't believe in Global Warming needs to...well...ya'll need to do something. This is the most obvious thing going on in the world right now and it's amazing to me that we have a President who thinks its not real. Maybe he's right...negative!

Hmmm...let me think out loud for a second. The overall temperature of the Earth is rising which means it will be getting worse as time goes on. So let's say in 5 years it will be 80 degrees in December in Atlanta. Not cool...literally! People please take time out to see what you can do to help slow down this process, whether it's changing the car you drive or unplugging things in your house before you leave, etc. Just find out what you can do to help. Start now before the next generation is tanning in January. Oh yeah...and speaking of January, my birthday is the 25th. Just ask for an address to send goodies to...lol..j/k..."unless you gon' do it!".

Till next time...

Oh...my frozen concoction is ready...yippee! Tan...here I come!

Comic book characters that come to life?

I really believe this is so. My auntie Evelyn would think I was nuts.

I just wish there was a way for those born in real time to start a new
life in a comic book when you are banned from altering history...


Whew what a week...and oh yeah Merry Christmas!

post deleted to allow Stanklin more time to edit ...

So You Wanna Join The WAS?

We celebrated the big lives of C. Lightning and J. Monae in a big way last weekend and the biggest factor to the big success was the fans, the supporters, the fans, the supporters...No, I mean YOU!!

One supporter asked me, "Bam Bam, how do I become a member of the Wondaland Arts Society?" And to that I replied, "Chuckest Lightmost will be posting the official admissions application next week." (Go Chuckie, Go!)

And with that...I want to introduce the newest member of the WAS...his name is Thurston Hurlitzer the 34th...

Post Script: Any future submissions involving soldier boy will be returned to sender.


Skibby's Basement

Sorry it took me soooo long to get my blog up today y'all.

was traveling back from miami, meeting with folks, etc., etc., etc.


let's keep it simple...and funky.

hopefully, by now you've seen this.

what you dont know is that my man stan skibby--the guitarist on Deep Cotton classics such as 1954--knocked snoop out and then shot this video with his homeboys in his basement.



Dec 1, 2007 will never be forgotten...

Hey my friends! I wanted to THANK U you personally for making this
past weekend such a beautiful and remarkable one for me. Yeah, it was
my birthday, but more importantly it was celebrated with you. Your
support is just overwhelming... I can never repay you enough.:)

Again, thank you, thank u, THANK YOu.

(me teleporting onstage on Saturday.)


Happy Birthday Jane!

Greetings all,

Of course as you all should know by now today is JM's birthday. She turned 101 today...can you believe it! She has aged pretty well I must say.

Well last night we had a little kick off party for JM at The Royal here in Atlantis, GA. We had a lot of fun and thanks to all the people who came out to show Jane some birthday love. Special thanks goes out to Fadia Kader, Brian Davis, and Mykal Monroe for hosting the event.

Tonight is the very special birthday performance at Lenny's Bar hosted by The W.A.S. You DON'T want to miss this one, JM has some special surprises for you all.

So come out, watch an amazing performance...oh yeah...and Deep Cotton is opening...aww shhh...front row watch out for mic stands and guitars flying your way. Hope to see you all there tonight. Doors open at 9pm...GET THERE EARLY! And Metropolis Suite I, "The Chase" will be on hand and JM will be signing autographs following her performance.

See ya'll tonight!

Till next time...

Lord Rico