A few things to reveal...

Chicken chowder prepared by Rocket Wolfmaster Z is undeniably spectacular... especially when you and about 15 others eat it in a log cabin in 30 degree weather.

I do not eat like this too often, but here are some of my favorite meals to chop up:

Smothered pork chops w/ homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet corn or carrots, walnut and cranberry salad w/ ranch dressing, and a sweet roll. 

Fluffy pancakes w/ lots of maple syrup, scrambled eggs w/ cheese, bacon (pork), and a tall glass of orange juice.

Chicken Fettucine Alfredo w/ garlic bread, caesar salad, and a sweet pink lemonade.

Roasted lemon chicken, sweet plantains, black beans over white rice, and fresh lemonade!

A chicken and apple wheat tortilla wrap  w/ pineapples and grapes on the side. An 8 oz bottle of cranberry juice to swallow it down would be delightful. 

I hate onions and tomatoes.

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