Can you guess this fat baby?


Hard at working writing...

N8 Wonder


Jane turns into Aquafina...

Thank you Moscow! Thank you Oleg and friends for bringing me, a girl from Kansas, to Russia! I love you all! My first time out of the country to perform... and you made it so worth it! Spicy Bull! I'll be back soon and next time, I promise not to splash too hard on you guys...


New Chester French!

Idle Warship Featuring Chester French “Fall Back” (produced by Ski)


You Wonda S.U.M.M.I.T ?!

S.U.M.M.I.T.: The Sum of Uniquely Made Magical Ideas and Thoughts

Overview: Born out of the Imagination Campaign, we "The Imagineers", seek to find the solutions to the problems we see in our communities in our collective consciousness. We're inviting all thought leaders to join us during this summit as we use our collective imaginations in a wickedly fun environment to promote freedom and problem solving.

This summit, like the ones that will follow will have a theme! This summit's theme is "Coloring Outside the Lines". Bring your ideas, imagination, and excitement to this summit! As we listen to some great music, and enjoy the infamous Wondapunch we'll be discussing the problems in our respective communities. All you need to do is bring your ideas, imagination and excitement!!!

During this S.U.M.M.I.T. we'll be voting on the most creative and effective idea to solve any of the discussed problems.

We'll conclude this "WONDAofakind" NYC S.U.M.M.I.T. at Thursday's show at the Highline Ballroom in NYC , where Janelle Monáe will be announcing to everyone the imaginative solutitions and ideas that spawned from the S.U.M.M.I.T. and our S.U.M.M.I.T winner!

Ok, we know you're excited now, and we CAN'T wait to see you there! Oh, and make sure you bring your pen!!! (Hudson Hotel Libary, NYC 7:30-9:30)

If YOU got any problems or issues you wanna discuss with some imaginative minds during this NYC S.U.M.M.I.T. send us a message and we'll talk about em!

Far from NYC, no worries, we're coming to you soon!


A Season For Sonnets

Imagination Inspires Nations


Janelle Monáe Nominated for Arjanwrites.com Brink of Fame Award :-) Vote now!

Janelle Monáe Nominated for Arjanwrites.com Brink of Fame Award :-) Vote now!


To my dearest L.A. supporters:

I want to personally THANK YOU for being you. In speaking with you at the Meet & Greet (trying to come up with a better name:)) I was so thrilled that I got a chance to experience your genuine warm hug and bright smile. I was really excited about meeting all of my L.A. supporters in "The Chase"... in a more intimate setting, and it happened.;)

You came to the Key Club with the intentions of making sure that your love, energy, and freedom were heard and felt, and indeed, it was! I felt it all on stage! I tried to stay focused, but I just couldn't stop smiling after hearing you guys' voices in the audience. It made me, Kellindo, and Young Pete give even more. I can honestly say, that we have some of THE BEST supporters. Period.

You guys made your point. The L.A. "tastemakers', "industry vets", and spectators, all got the message. "The Chase" rules and owns everything around!;)

I am highly grateful for your support of The Wondaland Arts Society and me. You guys have helped and still are helping us build this movement.

To my supporters all over the land, I hope to make you all proud. And again, THANK YOU.

Let us continue to alter history my friends...



P.S. Thank you Sean and Big Boi for introducing me. Love you guys!


Roscoes chicken and waffles ...

After the meet and greet... More photos from Jovian to follow.


Janelle Monáe on CNN Right NOW!

Hey guys watch CNN and CNN Headline News right now and all day where they're featuring the 500 Songs for kids foundation.

I was proud to be a part of this event and I'm glad that they had a chance to show my remarks and some of the interaction I had with the children at the hospital.

Here's another segment -- a little shorter than the one that ran on television:


Thanks to all of you who came out to the event last Thursday, the event is still going on until May 10th at Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta.

Please go and support. These children need our help!


Janelle Monáe


My old boarding house...

Hey guys,

Thought I show you were I lived when I first moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

Parsons street!

5 other female roommates.

Lots of midnight hot pockets (pepperoni).

Boy, those were the days...