I W.A.S there...

At the Democratic National Convention. Words can not equate to what I
genuinely felt in a stadium with over 80,000 people waiting on change.

I am convinced, Barack Obama is an "alien from outer space". How can
someone in front of over 80,000 people with the whole world watching
them look so unphased and calm? How is this possible?

On the same date, 45 years later, Dr. MLK Jr. does the legendary, "I
Have A Dream" speech, this historic moment took place.

I was there. I will never forget...


Janelle Monae featured in Paste

Read "Janelle Monae: Music you can believe in" a feature in Paste Magazine's "Best of What's Next". http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2008/08/janelle-monae.html


Janelle Monae in Virgin Records: Times Square

So I skipped work on Tuesday to go make a scene in Virgin Records. WE GOT BUSY!

Everyone from the people behind the counter to the people welcoming you to the door, it was JM day at Virgin! check it out...


Host Your Very Own Listening Party!!!

So you have your Metropolis: The Chase Suite and you are sooooo excited! You don't know what to do, eh? Here's an idea: HOST YOUR VERY OWN LISTENING PARTY!

Invite all of your friends over, makes some WondaPunch, and go tune by tune. It's just that easy! When you are finished, we'd love to see your pictures! Email them to thechase@wondalandarts.com so we can post them up on the new Imagination Campaign page!!!


Metropolis is #1 !!!

Imagination Inspires Nations



TODAY, August 12, 2008 is going to be the most exciting day Music has known in a very long time and it is all because of you.

TODAY you will boast to all of your friends, "We did it! We brought the music we want to hear to the entire world!!"

TODAY you will tell people about the time you stood in that long line and saw the most amazing performance you have ever seen.

TODAY you will remember the time that you were amongst the many pairs of hands to pass Janelle Monáe through a sea of people as she stage dove and crowd surfed.

TODAY marks the dawn of a new era, not just in music but in the triumph of the human spirit.

TODAY your Imagination will Inspire a Nation.

TODAY you will call, email, text, messenger pigeon, St. Bernard, or Pony Express your friends and family and take them with you to the nearest Target, Best Buy, or Wal-Mart and purchase your very own Metropolis: The Chase Suite (Special Edition)!!

Got an IC button? TODAY is the day, wear it!!!

TODAY you will take your Imagination Inspires Nations poster to work and start a revolution. You will gather up all of your office and cubicle mates and march to the record store!!

If you don't have a job, TODAY you will stand outside of the nearest music retailer and picket all day long!!! Do whatever you must, but make sure that everyone you know and love receives their piece of this musical revolution, Metropolis:The Chase Suite (Special Edition)!!!

If you can't leave the house, TODAY you will be apart of the internet crowd that shuts down the iTunes server by flooding it with purchases!!!!

TODAY you will be one of the millions who spread this movement of Imagination, Freedom, and Fearlessness.

Here's to a new day in music!
Here's to TODAY,
Here's to The Chase,

Your Chasemasters,
Jovian Zayne and George 2.0.


Sincerely, Jane featured on NBC program TONITE!

Check out Janelle Monae's "Sincerely Jane"
in promo spots for "Lipstick Jungle", a new series on NBC!!!

Promos will begin airing tonight during primetime on NBC!

(look for it to air during The Baby Borrowers at 9pm EST /PST )


Summer Stage @ Central Park

Janelle Monáe supporters of all ages came out to Central Park's Annual Summer Stage event yesterday. It was a beautiful day that saw a sea of blankets, towels, and beach chairs spread out in a crowded audience that was filled with lovers of good music.

Now, I have been to a couple of JM shows myself...but, uh...this one?!? This one wasn't the one to have missed. I'm willing to bet that where ever you were yesterday you didn't see anybody doing this:

If you missed Lil Jackie, Jamie Lidell, Jose James, and Giles Peterson you missed a real treat!