You Wonda S.U.M.M.I.T ?!

S.U.M.M.I.T.: The Sum of Uniquely Made Magical Ideas and Thoughts

Overview: Born out of the Imagination Campaign, we "The Imagineers", seek to find the solutions to the problems we see in our communities in our collective consciousness. We're inviting all thought leaders to join us during this summit as we use our collective imaginations in a wickedly fun environment to promote freedom and problem solving.

This summit, like the ones that will follow will have a theme! This summit's theme is "Coloring Outside the Lines". Bring your ideas, imagination, and excitement to this summit! As we listen to some great music, and enjoy the infamous Wondapunch we'll be discussing the problems in our respective communities. All you need to do is bring your ideas, imagination and excitement!!!

During this S.U.M.M.I.T. we'll be voting on the most creative and effective idea to solve any of the discussed problems.

We'll conclude this "WONDAofakind" NYC S.U.M.M.I.T. at Thursday's show at the Highline Ballroom in NYC , where Janelle MonĂ¡e will be announcing to everyone the imaginative solutitions and ideas that spawned from the S.U.M.M.I.T. and our S.U.M.M.I.T winner!

Ok, we know you're excited now, and we CAN'T wait to see you there! Oh, and make sure you bring your pen!!! (Hudson Hotel Libary, NYC 7:30-9:30)

If YOU got any problems or issues you wanna discuss with some imaginative minds during this NYC S.U.M.M.I.T. send us a message and we'll talk about em!

Far from NYC, no worries, we're coming to you soon!


At May 14, 2008 at 7:44 AM , Blogger Yellow Rebel said...

Hey I'll be in NYC. Can I get some more info on this?


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