To my dearest L.A. supporters:

I want to personally THANK YOU for being you. In speaking with you at the Meet & Greet (trying to come up with a better name:)) I was so thrilled that I got a chance to experience your genuine warm hug and bright smile. I was really excited about meeting all of my L.A. supporters in "The Chase"... in a more intimate setting, and it happened.;)

You came to the Key Club with the intentions of making sure that your love, energy, and freedom were heard and felt, and indeed, it was! I felt it all on stage! I tried to stay focused, but I just couldn't stop smiling after hearing you guys' voices in the audience. It made me, Kellindo, and Young Pete give even more. I can honestly say, that we have some of THE BEST supporters. Period.

You guys made your point. The L.A. "tastemakers', "industry vets", and spectators, all got the message. "The Chase" rules and owns everything around!;)

I am highly grateful for your support of The Wondaland Arts Society and me. You guys have helped and still are helping us build this movement.

To my supporters all over the land, I hope to make you all proud. And again, THANK YOU.

Let us continue to alter history my friends...



P.S. Thank you Sean and Big Boi for introducing me. Love you guys!


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