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Today is a day…it’s a big day for me...and my mom and my brother…and my other brother and two beautiful sisters. My heart is wide open and it’s beating loud and shining hot and I’m thankful. I can feel everything today and I’ve gotta remember to stay present because today he speaks to me louder than any other…even though we know…we always know…that he is always here… in all ways.

It goes without saying that we miss you, Daddy. Learning to fill the hole to get back to whole has been a process for me and the other one’s you made. Today marks the 7th year since the day you passed from this place to your next existence and I think you’d be proud to know that your kids are thriving. Everyone knows that I and my big lil bro, Kellis Jr., are building dreams at Wondaland. And you know that our lil big bro, Kai, is writing about music as it relates to society just like you did (remember Jazz: the Laws the Slaves Made?). One day soon Kai will scoot under Chuck Lightning’s wing and help us realize this blog as it is truly intended…and boy is it a whole lot bigger than what you see here (if Wondaland is gonna do a blog, we gonna do it! It’s coming soon). Lil big sis, Shilla, hasn’t found her place yet, but she’s twerking it out at Harvard doing her MBA and about to start her JD…yup, she’s gonna doo doo ‘em both at the same time (boy she crazy…crazy smart…just like you). And big big sis, Kimberly, is still the mother to us all…plus two more little ones that are just like you…and she remains the tie that binds.

I can hear you talking to me now…I hear you loud loud loud…you’re saying don’t settle down, rise up. You’re saying destiny is winking at you, so nod back… (Jane says, live your life). You’re saying dream a world, and the world is…you’re saying listen more, talk less…you’re saying see the ball, hit the ball…the Yankees will win the World Series in 2008 (You already know!). You’re saying God is Love, Daddy is Love and (don’t worry, Bam Bam) Love is Infinite. I hear you.

Daddy, you would love Wondaland. You had an imagination proclamation long before the Dalai Lightning let us see it. We always say that he reminds us of you. And can you believe Jane’s birthday is the same as Mother Novella’s (the angel that still walks on Earth)? There are no coincidences. Cakes and I wouldn’t be with Control Z, Stanklin, Yahyah, Jane, Mitchow, Lightning and Rico Lo Lo Lo Lo Low if it weren’t your way.

Wondalove. One Love. One. So today is big. And still it’s just another day. But, do you know how much we doo doo, dream dream, make make, grow grow in just one of these little days? Today is big…it’s big.

Next week we can talk about three new bands in Atlanta that are blowing my mind…if you want a preview check One Hand Loves the Other, Chopper, and the Long Shadows. Also want to talk about Locker Posters (coming to a school near you) and Metropolis candy (how sweet it is). But today my dreams look like this… I’ve got the world on a string sitting on a rainbow, got the string around my finger…what a world. Dreaming big big, thanks Daddy Kellis.

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At October 10, 2007 at 8:44 PM , Blogger Dot Techno Mania said...


At October 10, 2007 at 9:18 PM , Blogger kuh reel yuh said...

Yeah, dads seem to find a way of always sticking around—even if it's in a spiritual sense.

It was a year for me last month. Glad to know the healing eventually begins…

At October 11, 2007 at 2:49 AM , Blogger Dot Techno Mania said...

You have a wonderful perspective on this. It's right on...

At October 11, 2007 at 2:22 PM , Anonymous Bam Bam said...

K- your dad must have been incredible cause the light he reflects through you is some major wattage. You'll see him more and more as time goes by. We can talk anytime.

At October 12, 2007 at 11:19 PM , Blogger kuh reel yuh said...

thanks, bam bam. he really was.

see you soon.

At December 11, 2007 at 5:54 PM , Blogger Maurice said...

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