Time to move! The W.A.S. is headed to N.C. for the weekend and we're raiding the 'rents house for stuff.... AQUARIUMS, grass, grills and everything else that's wonderful and feels expensive.

Apologies to everyone for last week's blog by me. It was indeed, terrible. I was attempting to type it from my iPhone, and let's just say that the iPhone still has issues with large text input areas.

I upgraded my firmware to 1.1.1 after waiting since the beginning of september for the release, and I must say, I'm very impressed with the newest features (bricking aside). First thing i did was purchase "Sincerely Jane." and the rest of Metropolis Suite I.

I also purchased a song off of the new White Chalk album.

Then I listened to snippets of Souljaboytellem's album.

I heard Report Card.

Then I put my phone down.

I may update this post later if i'm not driving. I hope to start a riot based on the ideas espoused in Report Card.


At October 5, 2007 at 1:29 PM , Blogger Jane Lee said...

"Report Card" by Soulja Boy Tell Em' is the ***^&%E%#^$%# song ever made.;) Check it out.


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