A little drama in the MIA!

Greetings all,

As you all know, The W.A.S took over Miami for the past couple of days and we had a blast! I’m actually about to head to the airport now and head back to the ATL, so I will make this short.

Got in Thursday and had a very nice dinner with our hosts for the day, George and Marlo. I enjoyed a nice Filet Mignon, some mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, onion rings and even a caesar salad…I’m hungry again! JM ordered lemon pepper chicken and they brought out a whole chicken…cooked of course. She ate every last bite…I was like DAMN! I’m just kidding…lol…you’ll be happy to know she took some home. We had a very nice time, something about eating outside next to the water…aahh!

Something that really tickled me while we were sitting there was the fact that the waiters and waitresses were wearing “stunna” shades. I mean, I know Miami people are “cool” and the sun is a shining, but shades on while you bringing onion rings to the table? I would expect to see that in LA, but hey, maybe it’s required that they look “cool” in the MIA.

JM had her performance at The Fifth and killed it of course. Big Tigger hosted the event and shout out to Cherisse Coley from Corvoisier for bringing us down and taking care of us. We definitely appreciate the love you showed us.

But of course there was some drama…3 min before JM was going on the people throwing the event thought it would be cool to cut JM’s set in half. NOT HAPPENING…that’s what I told them. Needless to say I kept the show business as usual, 3 people came up to me asking about time and how many songs or what not. We ended up cutting a song, not a biggie, but people are crazy!

Well gang, off to the airport. Catch ya next time on…As Lord Rico Turns…lol!


At September 29, 2007 at 4:42 PM , Blogger Dot Techno Mania said...

Don't we all love show bizz! Seems people fail to understand that JM is to enjoyed in her entirety. But are all music acts created equal?


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