"Ja'ne Money is evil, Margaret Thatcher!"

It's almost time for my small, well, big college "Homecoming Tour."

Over the next 4 weeks, I will be out of town non-stop (see L of D's post). I must admit, I am a bit overwhelmed, yet timid about meeting all these different faces from different places. What will they think of me? Gotta keep gum in my mouth, my personal space will be invaded. Will they just stare (which lets me know they are having a great time!)? Will they know any of the new tunes? Will they sing "Violet Stars Happy Hunting!", or better yet, "Many Moons" loud and obnoxious in the faces of their peers and professors, even the hearing impaired? That would be nice. ;) I hope someone in a white sheet screams for me to perform "Cybertronic P."

My dream would be for someone to fall in love with old images of me, when I wore my hair out, free and safe, and wasn't wearing high waisted pants. They booked this show like a year ago, signed the contract and agreed to pay me, but at the last minute look on www.youtube.com at one of my videos and ban me from coming to the institution for let's say, uhhh... dressing like a boy and shaking my hips like a raunchy girl (perfect combination). Then, while The W.A.S. is arguing with the conservative nit wits and I am brushing the sides of my hair in the mirror like James Dean, the student body and entire village began marching outside with pickets of my name and hair on them, demanding that I take the stage! There are some who just want to slap me on the left jaw for being there, but the majority are ready for a revolution! Some big boned girl with extremely long bangs wearing saddle oxfords would tie up the authorities with rope, push them in the closet, no, make them watch the performance with duck tape on their mouthes. The Omish and Mormon community will be in the front row rowdy and acting unorthodox. Ahh, what a dream. I want to have a James Brown, Elvis, or Johnny Depp in "Crybaby" moment. For some odd reason, I want to feel like those extraordinarily gifted class acts who performed for high schools in the segregation days. But, not with all their social issues. No water hoses. The police can leave the German shepards in the donut room too. I really want to be the "taboo" artist, for good reasons though. I want parents to be afraid a riot will happen in their conservative home. Instead of women burning their bras this time, I want them to put them back on again. I want the churches and strippers to call me possessed. Okay, I am carrying myself away. Gotta hurley!

Just another random thought. What's yours? What would be one of your revolutionary moments in history? In my dream, you would comment, but don't feel obligated to, fore it's only 2007.:)




At October 8, 2007 at 2:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my revolutionary moment, I'm smack dab in the middle of campus, just me and my guitar, during Yardfest (the BIG, free concert on the yard during homecoming), and I capture the attention of all the students busy cranking dat Souja Boy. I mesmerize them with my acoustic stylings and inspire them to get their minds right and do something purposeful with their lives. Then I put on a jet pack and fly off into the sunset. :-)

Can't wait to see you at Howard.


P.S. - I already sing "Many Moons" loudly and obnoxiously in the faces of my peers and professors... not so much the hearing impaired... :-/

At October 9, 2007 at 6:30 PM , Blogger Dot Techno Mania said...

It's the year 2012. Words been spread that there is a concert to be held on the 24th of December put on by the WAS. The theme is... Transcendence to the 4th dimension. The concert is to be held in the Mayan ruins atop a pyramid. It has been said that on that date in 2012,the planets shall align in such a way that it could cause the planet to shift on it's axis. THe Mayans stopped their calender on this date fore knowing that this would be the end of time "As we know it." Knowing this, the Mayans created their 4th dimensional bodies and beamed on out of here ages ago. And that's what the WAS plans to do on that very day after their last concert in the 3rd dimension . The GOV is in an uproar and doing everything they can to prevent people from crossing the border. But the people wont have it. It's a new day and the people are awake. THey find their way. by boat, by sky, by any means necessary. They shoot down the Gov planes and blow past the guards at the border. These people aren't taking no for an answer. They have fire in them, they now where their going. For they have heard of a girl and her family, that have the god given power to transcend time and space with their music, and are now prepared to transcend the body. The power of the "z wave". The power of the "lightning scribe". The power of "rico'negotiation" The power of the "fro-hawk" The power of the "MAM-mmunications" and the power of "stank"
The transcendence shall begin with only a few words...."Y'all better shut up!"

At October 10, 2007 at 12:12 AM , Anonymous mykal monroe said...

inspirational Ja'Ne. it felt like poetic prose. that doesn't go together but i don't go with myself at times

"oh my god, janelle. i love your work!!!"

At November 3, 2016 at 2:43 PM , Blogger Kymberli Moor said...

Janelle... Blacklotus from 2016. Almost 2017. Almost a decade ahead of you. There will be a movie called Looper that's about half way between the years. Watch it. I think about all the possible timelines and even the possibility of linear time being a prison. A prison of the mind where we are either rushing age to grasp the perception of freedom that teenagers tend to think. Or we fear getting older. But what about that 2007 and 2016 is happening at the same time like the movie Lakehouse with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. That's how I view this post as if it will reach you in 2007 where you dream of someone loving your most free self. Hair out spiraling up to the sun. Wearing whatever color fits your day without the burden of representing your people and saving the world between the polarities of black and white. Where the day could just be violet where you could dwell in your highest mind above the body.. Daydreaming without responsibility. Or maybe your night dreams could be as green as the heart chakra, lucidly traveling to a peaceful place full of butterflies all the vivid colors under the sun in a field filled with lavendar as your lay and fondle your twin flames hair. I remember the first time I saw you on tv. TBS storyline. I just knew. I was in a dark place but I saw your light. I knew you were here to change the world. Your are changing it every day. In 2013 you will display your crown in a video in all its glory to electrify women and girls everywhere. That video will steal my breath and make my heart skip a beat. Don't worry I recover. You have that effect. The possibilities are infinite, different timelines different people playing different roles in your life. Somewhere in time you know me. From the future thank you infinitely for daring to be you. Even if only a small portion. For I know there's so much more that just wants to burst from your physical being. Know you again later 2017

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