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W.A.S. in the city...AGAIN!

Yes ya'll, we are headed back to the Big Apple! JM will be performing LIVE at the Blender Theater this Thursday 4/3.

You can purchase tickets NOW at the Irving Plaza Box Office located at 17 Irving Place on the corner of E. 15th St. I strongly suggest you pick up those tickets now as we only have 100 TICKETS AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC! Buy 10 and sell 9 for $100 each at the door...lol...this is a HOT ticket. You can also purchase tickets at the venue on the day of...GET THERE EARLY!

Doors open at 7pm and tickets are $1o.

See you there!

(edit by Wolfmaster Z: actually, please don't buy 10 and scalp the rest, we actually do want a lot of people to be able to get in...)



This is the truth. Anyone that is in NY this week please go and check out a brilliant piece titled Any1Man. You will enjoy yourself thoroughly! For more info visit http://www.any1man.com/main.php


MIAMI, FL - MARCH 24: The World’s first ever game of tennis on water invol... - Tennis - Yahoo! Sports


Imagination Inspires Nations


The Fine Art of Negative Elevation

You can thank Nate Wonder for this post.

He forced me to watch this at 3:30 this morning.

Okay, he didn't quite force me.

I watched willingly.

And you should too.

Man, what can you say about Boondocks...

I mean a banned episode about BET and Uncle Ruckus! Lawd!

Let the comments begin!

And of course, the second part...

Wow. right?



ANY1MAN. One of my personal favorites...

This experience is premiering LIVE in NY tonight (13th Street Repertory Company, 50 West 13th Street) and running until Thursday, March 27th. I can NOT and don't feel comfortable categorizing this "never done before" experiment. All I can say is go sit in. Tell 2.0 I sent you if you can find him...

Here is what George Peters 2.0 had to say:


Tonight we will be in a quaint theater between 5th and 6th Avenues, on 13th street.

In attendance will be men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes, and of course colors.

We will be gathering to participate in some of the purest expressions of the human race: hope, faith, and belief.

For whenever people gather to share in the magic of theater, the remarkable happens.

Opening night has a time-honored tradition of prestige and excitement, for those anxious enough to be there.

Be anxious, be first, be there....tonight.




This just in...


Greetings all,

For those who came to the JM show last night, you can confirm my claim. Lightning and Wonder went hog wild on the stage last night. Mic stands flying, mics flying, water pouring, Chuck flying on and off, the stage. The crazy part is that all this happened on the first song...lol. Oh how we love DC...

SCAR came through and performed a few songs, thanks homie! Frontman of the band Tendaberry also performed and did a great job...thanks J Dog...lol.

And the highlight of the night of course, Ms. Monae. We had a last minute situation where our drummer had to leave town but she handled the situation like a true professional, cool, calm, and collective. Too bad I can't say the same for me. I was all over the place yesterday but it all worked out...THANK GOD!

Special shout out to Dewayne for filling in and making it happen in the clutch...much appreciated homie!

For those who came I hope you enjoyed yourself and if you didn't...you really missed an amazing show. Thanks to Smith's Olde Bar for their hospitality...sorry about the stage...lol.

Till next time...


Rehearsal pic #1 from The Atlanta Ballet.

The production is called, "big".

April 10-13 @ The Fox Theater here in Atlanta, Ga (google it to buy

It is really going to happen. I will be performing along with the
company's dancers while drinking a latte from Starbucks in ancient
japanese attire.

Hope to see you there. More pics to come...


Warning! Another tornado is scheduled to hit Atlanta Friday night @ 9pm

According to the National Wonda Service, another tornado is scheduled to hit downtown Atlanta with energy and fury far greater than that of last weeks devastating storms. It is projected that the voracity of the storm will undoubtedly terms leave Atlanta mesmerized. The National Wonda Service suggests that you take shelter in a sturdy structure such as Smith's Olde Bar approximately 2-3 inches from the stage. That should be just enough to keep you out of harms way and still allow you to enjoy nature's beauty.

This warning has been brought to you courtesy of the Wondaland Arts Society.


Atlanta Ballet Picture #1

>> So, I am sure and unsure some of you heard that from April 10-13 @
>> The Fox Theatre (here in Atlanta) that I would be performing a few
>> tunes with The Atlanta Ballet. Well... That is true mi friends.
>> The production is entitled "big". Google it for more info.
>> Will be feeding you guys more pics from rehearsal.:) get your
>> tickets.
>> Sent from my wireless heart



Reading Persepolis right now (among other things).

Very interested in seeing the movie when I'm done.

After I've seen it, I'll blog about the entire experience. 

For those that don't know, check out these Persepolis trailers...dope, huh?

so buy the graphic novel, grab some popcorn, see the film, then lets talk...

if you've already seen the film or read the novels, let me know what you think!




one U.S. presidential candidate has made a statement condemning the Chinese government's brutalization of the Tibetan people. ONE...only one?! I'm officially sickened... You already know who had the conviction and strength to speak up... i truly love him for saying something because the rest of them are too scared to stand up to China (they lend us way too much $$ and support way too many of our big businesses). So the rest of them stay quiet in the face of human rights disaster after disaster after disaster. Sickening...



Spring is in the air!

Greetings all,

It's that time of year again, when the days are longer, grass is getting green, trees are getting leaves back and...hurricane like thunder storms. Kind of like the one we had last night...it woke me and my little one up...Dunkie. Had to take him out of the cage and put him in the bed...not hot.

Anyway, leave those winter blues behind and get refreshed and ready to take on the spring and summer. This summer plans to be a BIG one for the W.A.S....so get ready!

I hope to see you all at the JM performance next Friday at Smith's Olde Bar...it's going to be a blast. We have Deep Cotton and Tendaberry opening up...see you then!

Till next time...

Cool We Can Believe In



The day is so soft...



Geico is giving Kellindo the run around on his insurance rate for his Air Car. It's currently parked on the roof of Wondaland where it'll stay until it's legal...or you're in big trouble, young voodoo child!


The joy of my world.

Meet my nephew (he asked that I not give his name).

He is 14 months old and just started walking.

He loves blowing spit bubbles, taking baths with toys, and sticking his hands in dinner plates. He is very afraid of the vacuum. He loves being sung to, but for some reason... not by me.:(

I was fortunate enough to be home in Kansas to see him come into this world. My sister is strong.

Life is Miraculous.

This is one person that got my heart before I met him.  

I am in love with a fat little baby, my nephew.
Look at those jaws! C'Mon!

P.S. Recording is going swell. Thank you for your patience and you will hear new tunes soon...

I hope to see you at Smith's Old Bar on March 21st (see myspace.com/janellemonae)! Did I just plug myself on the the W.A.S. Blog? C'mon Jillary Clinton!

As well, I have a couple release dates now. I will keep you posted...

Sent from my wireless heart


L.E.S. Artistes

Crazy Art Beautiful Direction.

Three cheers for Santogold!

Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray


Who's Gonna Save My Soul Now?

This is a dope Gnarls Barkley song. Its so soulful. I have been singing it all week. Let me know what you think.