W.A.S. in the city...AGAIN!

Yes ya'll, we are headed back to the Big Apple! JM will be performing LIVE at the Blender Theater this Thursday 4/3.

You can purchase tickets NOW at the Irving Plaza Box Office located at 17 Irving Place on the corner of E. 15th St. I strongly suggest you pick up those tickets now as we only have 100 TICKETS AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC! Buy 10 and sell 9 for $100 each at the door...lol...this is a HOT ticket. You can also purchase tickets at the venue on the day of...GET THERE EARLY!

Doors open at 7pm and tickets are $1o.

See you there!

(edit by Wolfmaster Z: actually, please don't buy 10 and scalp the rest, we actually do want a lot of people to be able to get in...)


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