The joy of my world.

Meet my nephew (he asked that I not give his name).

He is 14 months old and just started walking.

He loves blowing spit bubbles, taking baths with toys, and sticking his hands in dinner plates. He is very afraid of the vacuum. He loves being sung to, but for some reason... not by me.:(

I was fortunate enough to be home in Kansas to see him come into this world. My sister is strong.

Life is Miraculous.

This is one person that got my heart before I met him.  

I am in love with a fat little baby, my nephew.
Look at those jaws! C'Mon!

P.S. Recording is going swell. Thank you for your patience and you will hear new tunes soon...

I hope to see you at Smith's Old Bar on March 21st (see myspace.com/janellemonae)! Did I just plug myself on the the W.A.S. Blog? C'mon Jillary Clinton!

As well, I have a couple release dates now. I will keep you posted...

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At March 9, 2008 at 6:16 PM , Anonymous Danny! said...

Can't see the picture, but looking forward to the new tunes!


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