Boy am I bummed! I was really looking forward to driving to D.C. for Janelle Monae's Howard Homecoming performance (she's slated to perform twice actually). But a last minute change of plans has now cancelled what was sure to be the highlight of my birthday week. Oh, yeah, that's right. Tuesday was my birthday and it was a grand time. It all started on Sunday though when my friends, the Southern Friends boys, Corey Dub, and Mash all surprised me by taking me paint balling. What a painfully fun time it was. I have the bruises to prove it. On Tuesday, the day started off with the 3rd Annual Delvin Stanklin Birthday Golf outing at the Wolf Creek golf club. That's where you see Chuck Lightning acting dang fool on the previous blog post. Shout out to Control Z for having the mind set to capture the moment. The day wrapped up with a fabolous dinner at Silk. I had the Kobe steak and lobster tail with lobster bisque. It was to die for. I also, finally, got an iPod. Getting the iPod was a blessing becuase I don't have the best of luck with them; the new one is 3rd one I 've had in as many years. I will do a better job of protecting and keeping up with it this time however.
After such a wonderful birthday you would be certain to think that someone wouldn't really ask for more. But there was the one little trip that I was looking forward to taking that would have really been the crescendo for my bday week. But as things do happen, I guess that won't be the case. I will just settle for wishing that my Wondafamily has a safe, enjoyable and productive trip and look forward to the fantastic stories that I am sure they will have to tell. You see, that's just how much JM means to us. So much, that even on your birthday with many well wishers, gifts & events, you can still look forward to the motivating and energizing force within the world that is Janelle Monae & the WAS.

All in all, I am very thankful for them. They make me smile. I will end this post by adding the new Mary J song that brings a little sunshine to my life.


At October 20, 2007 at 2:20 AM , Blogger Dot Techno Mania said...

WOW Man! Happy B-day. Sounds like you had a good bash. JM does have a way of making the world go round.


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