Ignorance kills!

Greetings all,

Well...as you all know we were DC this past Thursday for the Howard Homecoming Fashion Show. It wouldn't be right if there wasn't any drama...

Let's fast forward to sound check. We arrive and I am told that JM will be performing on the side of the stage...I knew the reason was going to be interesting. So I ask "why"? Come to find out, they thought it would be cool to have models walking the runway while JM was performing. Of course upon hearing that I knew the fun had begun! So guess who had to work it out...correct...Lord Disassembler. A couple of W.A.S. members almost blew their top off, but I wasn't concerned about it. I just wanted to know that it was a problem with everyone and it needed to be fixed...bottom line. So, I walk out to the director, advised her that models walking while JM is performing was NOT going to happen. Of course there was some discussion, but at the end of our talk, it was worked out.

This whole day was filled with things that got my mood all messed up for the entire night for reasons I can't share with the public...sorry ya'll! Maybe I'll right a book down the line and I will be sure to include this day...lol.

So we get to showtime for the 1st show at the Cramton Auditorium. JM is performing "Smile", when this ignorant male yells out "what are you talking about"? Kind of like a heckler almost. I had to restrain myself from running from backstage and stage diving towards this guy who was obviously a lost soul. But then I thought, why should I be upset. Hey, not everyone is going to like what we do. But the thing that bothered me was that it was done while she was singing. How IGNORANT can we be sometimes? Why in the urban community must we vocalize when we don't like something? That's the question I have for you all.

It ended up turning into a great night. Both performances were great, we sold out of cd's, and I think we definitely grabbed a lot of new supporters. After the 2nd show, the line downstairs was like a line for the newest roller coaster at an amusement park. People were skipping in line, yelling, all in hopes of purchasing a JM cd. That was definitely the highlight of my night. We ran out of Suite I, but gave the VSHH single away for free for the ones who didn't get one.

I would like to send a special thanks to the Howard staff that I dealt with and that worked out all of my concerns in a professional manner. You all know who you are.

This week we are off to California! So be here next Saturday, for the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Till next time...

Lord Rico


At October 20, 2007 at 3:39 PM , Blogger Dot Techno Mania said...

isn't it surprising how little of us are able to be at least respectful. That poor guy. He has some tough lessons ahead of him. Not to mention the great transition that shall befalls the entire planet.
It's hard to believe that someone would heckle JM. She's such a concentrated ray of light(Madonna).
And Damn it! When will people realize that JM is to be enjoyed in her entirety. She isn't background music for some models to strut to. ARGGGGG! It just shows us that people aren't used to be entertained by music any longer. There haven't been any self containing musical acts in such a long time.. Everyone has just been background music.

At October 20, 2007 at 5:51 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Despite all the ignorance, the performance was great and JM handled the heckler very well. There was a mob of us trying to get Suite I and meet JM after show 1, but they wouldn't let us down (and the only reason I came was for her). :( Supposedly, we were suppose to go during "intermission"--even though there wasn't one... Well, atleast, I was able to coerce my friend to the show and turn her into a believer.

At October 20, 2007 at 5:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of all the things to yell, and of all the songs to yell it to, IGNORAMUS decides to "express" himself on the most self-explanatory song of her entire set?!?!?


But yeah, lol at the mental image of you running from backstage (in slo-mo, of course), yelling "Yoooooouuu aaaaaaa*******!" and diving on some random dude.

haha, yeah, that's funny.


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