I can't believe I really knew an angel...

I was very priviledged to have known you Keith.

Keith, you brought me Swedish fish every time you sensed I had a sweet
tooth. Most times, I didn't ask you to bring me anything, but you just


You protected me from the smoke that blew out of so many mouths just
to help protect my gift.

You cared about My voice.


The night of my birthday performance, who snatched the bottle from
underneath my feet, that almost, just almost, could have severely
injured me?

It was you my friend. I had no idea until after I was home, safe and

When I could not answer the swarming questions on line, respond to
emails or messages asking, "Ms. Monáe when are performing next?" or
"When will my CD be here?!", you were there to answer for me... when I
just couldn't.


Now, looking back, I am honored to have gone to McDonald's and bought
you your favorite, a fish sandwich with cheese and fries, while you
and the Wolfmaster worked all night coding... On Blabstar.

Who framed my first record and poster and actually made me think for
just one moment, one little moment that I had gone platinum, selling
millions of suites?

Not the Grammy association, but Keith.

It was your belief that I needed to already imagine my records
reaching this status and beyond.

You really believed in me.

Thank you for speaking so highly of me to
your family. I finally met your sister.

We all have so many memories of you.

Keith, You never asked me for anything, except how you could help.

You never complained in my presence. NEVER.

I have realized, that this is not a time to be sad.

Yes, I will miss you walking in the door everyday.

Yes, I will miss you in our Monday W.A.S. meetings.

Yes, I will miss your emails.

I will miss seeing you to the side of the stage while I'm performing,

Again, I will not be sad. I believe this is a time to get happy and
rejoice over the fact that I really knew an angel. Most people can not
say or let alone believe this, but I can.

I do believe Angels are there to protect you, help you, and smile for
you, and Keith, you did just that for me.

If I had a better word to describe you, then I would have used it long

Thank you Keith A. Brubaker for living life.

I am amazed by how you hid your wings from us. You were special.

Thank you for being a more than remarkable example to not just me, but
the rest of the W.A.S.

I thank your family for allowing us to spend time with you.

I thought I had it figured out, but just as angels do, they show you
the right way.

Thank you GOD for sending Mr. Brubaker into our lives. Thank you for
letting us borrow him.

My life will never be the same again.

You were a big fan of me, but I am a bigger fan of you.

Thank you.

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