Welcome back...I guess?

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As you all should know by now I am the biggest NY Yankee fan to grace this planet we call Earth. This week it has been reported that A-Rod will be returning to the Yankee organization. Now, off first thought one might say "great", "congrats", something like that. But let me explain how all this happened and why I'm not all warm and fuzzy about it.

A-Rod had the option to opt out of his 10 year $250 million deal this year. The Yankees advised him that if he did so, they would not be involved in the negotiations for him as a free agent. Well, he opted out and was ready to test the market. It was pretty well known that his next deal would be even more ridiculous than the last. So on the last game of the World Series, when that "other" team won...(you know, the "other" team), he announced that he would indeed opt out and pursue free agency. I was ready to burn my A-Rod shirt and move on. I wasn't upset, we haven't won anything since he's been here...so, oh well.

So this week I am watching ESPN and they are talking about the extreme likelihood that A-Rod would be returning to the Yankees. Why you ask? Well because after being in the market for a few weeks he and his moron agent Scott Boras learned that no other team was going to give A-Rod that kind of money. Nobody except who...yup...the Yankees. It is rumored that this new deal will be a 10 year $275 million deal (that is not a typo).

The best part is that he had to "crawl" back to the Yankees without his agent and talk directly to the Steinbrenner's and ask for a deal to be made. Classic! Reminds me of the old saying, "the grass isn't always greener on the other side".

So welcome back A-Rod...I guess?

Till next time...


At November 18, 2007 at 5:19 PM , Anonymous christina said...

some athletes get paid way too much...


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