The Day is So Soft

Have you ever just stopped and looked at the sky on a clear & crisp blue day? I mean really looked at it. It has to be one of the most beautiful things ever created. And, boy, how was it created? Man, its things like that that really make me appreciate everything that I am and have in my life. Its like God gave us a masterpiece, our very own Michaelangelo sculpture, and said "here you are, you can have this for free. No strings attached." In a yin and yang way, a beautiful blue day makes me so appreciative of the rain and cloudy days (not to mention that rain would help us with this drought thing). I guess that it was a beautiful blue day that made Kellindo Parker stare out of his kindergarten window, while all of the other little kids worked on arts & crafts, sigh and say "the day is so soft." That day, I'm sure was soft, little Kellindo and so is the beautiful one that I am enjoying today.

I hope that you go boldly into the day and enjoy every moment of it. It is a gift to you and should not be taken lightly.

Wondalunch Yesterday
Corn Muffins

Wondalunch Today
Fantastic Chili
Happy Corn Muffins


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