Like Candy (Ow!)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN YOU CYBERGHOULS, MARSGOBLINS, VENUSFREAKS AND...MERCURYMONKEYS!!! This is our day and since I'm feeling WAY...lon Jennings better (no more sick sick) I'm gonna shove as much candy down my throat as my lil bam bam esophagus will allow and bounce off the walls for 24 straight.

I LLLOVE HALLOWEEN. It's not about the costumes...it's about the candy ya'll. ATL has thug motivation...I've got candy motivation...Let's Get IT!!! as a wee babe in NYC, I pioneered a vicious candy hustle on this hallowed day...change costumes 3 times and keep trick or treating round your apartment building all night long. i'm talkin garbage bags worth of sugar booty...months of red stained lips and chocolate crusted sleaves. my lil heart is beating faster and faster and faster and faster...

Better believe that by 1am I'll be quoting Ice Cube...Today Was A Good Day. But first I'll be sangin' Cameo... strawberry! raspberry! all those good thangs! violets and gumdrops...And Iggy Pop...candy candy candy I can't let you go!! Ok...so right about now my bro bro, kakes, is having a mini heart attack cause he knows about the severity of my candy addiction...and i'd been on the wagon for oh so long...gimme the loot gimme the loot!! I used to ask/plead/beg/force my brother to go the bodega on the corner in the middle of the night to get me twix. I was like 8 and he was 16. I wasn't allowed out of the house, but he was. GET ME TWIX!!!


Bam Bam was in bed bed for a week so I was mining the music on myspace like crazy crazy... talking on the phone, hearing about new bands, missing shows, hearing about shows i missed... Wanna share some of that goodness...

Kenna's got a new album and there are 2 trax i'm jammin out to in my mini hardcore...check out say goodbye to love and out of control while you're getting dressed and check the outfit you end up rocking!

Mark Ronson's Version album makes me so happy!! check out oh my god feat. lily allen and valerie (baby J remix) feat. amy winehouse. Horns by the Dap Kings, vocals by some bad asses.

If you got that MIA crush going on you need to check out Santogold. Listen to the Shove It Switch Remix. And MIA will be live in the ATL this evening but you can catch her up close and personal at her in-store at Criminal Records. 6:30pm ATL Standard Time. Get er done, Lightning and Mitchow!

My guilty pleasures of the moment (besides candy and pedialyte) are 7LEsoteric and Apathy. Wapppers out of the Masshole & CT that make me giggle and shake my arse. Check Typhoons in Japan and Daisycutta feat. Kool on 7L's page and You Look Like You Come From the 80's on Apathy's.

When I'm missing all the cute skinny indie better than emo-ness coming outta the BK I'm listening to Bishop Allen (Click) and Mates of State (Goods All in Your H...).

And when I'm wanting to rock pop rock pop rock pop I'm listening to my old fave Imperial Teen (Yoo Hoo).

And on the Yoo Hoo tip...It's candy time!!!

The sis of Kakes and Bam Bam dropped thru the Oakland show last weekend. She lurved Ms. Mayweather, Pete and Kakes and the Metropolis Symphony Orchestra. Her hubby even got his face painted by the Good-Knews Krew...smiling faces in photo says it all and damn JM can throw that pose can't she!?!

Oops...Almost forgot...We may have Janelle Monae Saddle Oxfords coming to a janellemonae.com/store near you real soon like ya' hear!?! Just got an email from a manufacturer that can make it happen. Whoopee!!!!

Post Script: since I referenced Waylon Jennings up top, you should sneak a peek at his boy Shooter Jennings. He's got a country album I can listen to over and over and over...

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At October 31, 2007 at 5:10 PM , Blogger Dot Techno Mania said...

YAYYYYY! No more sick sick.
Happy Halloween to all the WAS members.
Glucose is our friend this one day out of the year.

At October 31, 2007 at 7:05 PM , Blogger slimily parker said...

Es correcto! Verdad! Bring that candy ish!!! Candy corn and all ya'll.

At October 31, 2007 at 7:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh oh…I think I'm about to see what you're like after a few pieces of sugar. Lord, help us all…:-)


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