What's up Wondaworld? This is probably your first introduction to me, Delvin Franklin aka Wolfmaster Stanklin aka the Experience Architect aka Smakous Blackous - although a little unwanted (thanks Chuck Lightning). We have ingrained a few principles here at Wondaland such as Excellence, Truth & Beauty and especially Innovation. Innovation in the light of an Apple or Google. For instance, Google created a free meals program for its employees in which it boasts 15 cafeterias, each with its own theme and menu. The options range from regional American cuisine to tapas to dishes emphasizing locally grown ingredients. Taking this cue from Google, we created Wondalunch. Everyday we cook a huge Spanish style lunch in which all of your favorite Wondalanders such as Janelle Monáe, Lord Disassembler, Deep Cotton & Bam Bam gather to eat, discuss our world and ways that we can further inspire people. Its a fantastic idea that we truly enjoy because of the opportunities it provides us to catch up with each other in our busy world. It also prevents us from the daily panic of "what am I gonna do for lunch" - which takes us away from our inspiration work. So the next time you see Janelle Monáe and wonder how in the world does she do that hyper cybertronic lightspeed move or you see Deep Cotton electric shaking and destroying microphones you will know that all of that energy is fueled by the delicious Wondalaunch.

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