"After the weather, Janelle Monáe will be performing?!!!"- FOX 5 Atlanta

Greetings my loves!

So yeah, yesterday I performed on Fox5 Atlanta on the morning show, Good Day Atlanta! Thanks to all of you who watched!

It was crazy! I had to be there by 7 this morning and I only had 3 HOURS OF SLEEP, not complaining just reflecting!:-) And even though the beautiful and nice host kept calling me "Janae" they were all such cool people! Thanks 4 everything! There is even talks of them bringing us back!:-) I guess I am just excited because I know that I am not signed to a major and have not a song on the radio and got to perform on a news station, right after the weather! (hahahehahe) Seriously, I am highly gratified and extra humbled. (To see the interview and perfomance check out the link on my page or go to:


Also, I just came back from St. Kitts with Big Boi and that was a good experience! I got to perfom during his set. Thanks BIG!

I did VSHH! and "Call the Law" (Outkast Idlewild album).

The crowd? Well, let's just say I was stared at... No honestly, I was received pretty well for a crowd to be up at 3 a.m. (yes, it is so, we did not start til' almost 3 in the morning! Not complaining, just reflecting).:-) and never have heard "Violet Stars Happy Hunting!" at all. I only say that because their popular radio station was still playing Usher and Alicia Keys, "My Boo". So I get the feeling and I may be wrong, that they grasp on to music late or have a hard time letting go (no pun intended), which could be a good thing for artists.:-)

I was a bit frustrated with myself I must admit. I really wanted to jump extremely high off the stage, land, and pour water on the audience.:-) After my performance of "Call the Law", I looked down, realized how far of a jump it was and punked out.:-( Arrrggghh I was mad afterwards. Maybe I made a good decision because one of the dancers did such a cool flip off the stage, landed wrong and hurt is foot and ankle. He had to use a wheel chair at the airport on the way back to Atlanta. Who knows, maybe next time for me?:-/

On a better note, I got my first out-of-the-states interview with a guy from London! I was totally not expecting that. I got a chance to experience a real press room. A room of people all over the world lined up to interview you. It was very overwhelming at times. I believe I did pretty well in my interviews, I just hope somebody was and is inspired.

Good day world,



At June 26, 2007 at 11:48 AM , Anonymous Baron Mynd said...

First of all I'd like to say congrats on this acheivement I'm not from Atlanta so I didn't get to see you...thanks for posting the link. Lol @ the radio in St.Kitts still playing My Boo...really behind times. Once again congrats and thanks for keeping us up to date on your funkdafied adventures. O yeah thanks for adding me as your friend on facebook!

At June 28, 2007 at 3:42 PM , Anonymous Neisha said...


the link you posted was incomplete.

wish i could've seen you at St. Kitts' musicfest. Especially if you had jumped! they would have loved that.

about the radio station, i'm sure somebody was catching feelings which is why they were rocking that song so hard because we're pretty up to date. either way, we listen more to reggae and soca down there anyway.


what up mitch.

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