i AM "LOST."

Good Morning... Twilight?! So yeah, my sleeping habits are a bit off. Since I have been sick, I have been taking naps during the day and unable to go to bed at my usual time, which is ummm about... 4:30, 5 ish in the a.m.

I stayed up all yesterday, patiently waiting for one of my FAVORITE TV shows, "Lost". One thing you should know about me is, I am a HUGE fan of "Heroes", "24", and "Lost". Tonight was "Lost"'s season finale and I was so sad. :-( It will not be coming back on til' like next Feb.! What a drag?!!! I don't have time to be waiting that long MAN! It was so good though, they made it two hours instead of just one. The ending was scary. If you are interested in knowing more about the show, visit www.abc.com., itunes has all the episodes as well. You will be hooked. Ben, where you at! He is the villain, one of the "others."

I'll assume that because it turned out to be a hit show for NBC (enough for them to create 3 spinoffs next season) that at least 25% of you watch Heroes... I've been taken in by it as well. Something very visceral strikes me about the show. Their season finale was on Monday. I was a tad bit disappointed by the ending. Anyway, at least until next season when the show comes on, real life auditions for heroes are being held every day. Watching "Heroes" has also made me really, really want to turn "Metropolis" into a series. Let me talk to my sources...

Anyhowwow, can't sleep. I think I am gonna try and watch some CNN, see what's going own in the world, and what I can do to help it.


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