When's the Last Time You really LOVED a song?

Last night we were talking about the new Lauryn Hill song "Lose Myself."

If you haven't heard it, go here href="http://www.zshare.net/audio/lose-myself-mp3-e8k.html
with a quickness.

And MitchOWski asked us a question that shouldn't have been difficult at all:

When's the last time you really LOVED a song?

Silence, silence, silence.

Janell Monae: Declare Independence by Bjork.

Silence, silence, silence.

Chuck Lightning: Silence. (although after reflection, i can say now that i simply love yes truly LOVE "article 3" off Me'shell n'dgeocello's new EP. and i agree with JM that Bjork's new album has some incredible songs, "declare independence" among them...)

Nate Wonder: Silence. Then "what do you mean by love?"

Mitch: I mean, love like, how you know, the way you love old albums or some crazy song from back in the day that you discover?

Nate Wonder: Is loving an old album truly love? Or is that just romanticism? And the fact that no one is up on it and it's not gonna be mainstream and overexposed within a few hours?


Which leads to a larger question: Do technology and commerce kill the beauty in art?

In other words, will we like Lauryn's gorgeous new song a little less when it's all over the place? Like part of some gigantic Happy Meal.

And is the exponential rise of our access to the world's great treasure trove of music online actually decreasing our ability to be inspired by any one given thing?

making it harder and harder to fall in love...

--c. lightning


At May 21, 2007 at 11:38 PM , Blogger Xero said...

OH SHIT! I LOVE "DECLARE INDEPENDANCE!" I Work ar UPS and I have to listen to that song every morning to keep myself from wanting to put somebody put somebody between the rollers on the the convayer belts!

I also Love "Wonderlust" and "Hope" And even "I see Who you are" "Innocense" is good too! It was good to see Timbaland and Nate hills let loose on that.

As for the happy meal effect! I don't really watch TV so I'm not really effected by the popularity of the song until I gear everyone else bumping it. i'd hate to think that we're the type of people that only love things when they aren't popular.

I like to think of it like this. Durring the wee hours of the morning beings like us are 10 tinmes more creative...because we are not being bombarded by everyone's energy swirling around durring the day. It gives you a strange feeling of meditation and solotude and that's how we listen to music as well. We need to truely dive in when noone is paying attentions so we are not bombarded with everyone else's inturpritation of it!

At May 22, 2007 at 2:21 PM , Blogger Chuck Lightning said...

i love your comment!

i agree it would be a tragedy to be so hip that you can't love the popular thangs!

As MitchOWski would say:

Jammin is Jammin!

At May 22, 2007 at 4:15 PM , Blogger Jane Lee said...

I hate when things get too trendy. I get so turned off and never really see why the song is considered "a hit" even if it is one. I start to think everyone is warped and programmed. I question their taste and I may not hang out with them (I know, it's that deep).

If the majority likes it, there is a chip in me that turns on, right between my eyes, and turns me totally against them, creatively, and their little song. I really have to feel like I got into it before the majority, to forever truly love it. Only certain artists' like bjork and Lauryn Hill have been able to make me wish their songs were being played on radio especially when my ipod or CD was not in reach. So to answer your question Chuck, no, I don't think i will not like the song once it turns into a happy meal.

It just annoys me when the same people that listen to snap music and "walk it out" everyday, catch on to all the cool songs I been listening to and try and own them! You don't KNOW about my song boy! You late! Maybe I am just selfish or just a big purple cow?;-)

Oh and I remember when I started writing music and people were talking about Prince and The Beatles, I totally did not want to listen to them because I felt like I missed out already and they are TOO mainstream, but I was wrong. I actually love those mop heads.

At May 22, 2007 at 7:52 PM , Blogger Xero said...

I get that Jane! But you also your apriciation for the song goes a lot deeper than most and does come from your individual interpritation of the song.

And I know exactly what you mean about feeling like yoyu missed out and that something is already too big for you to get into...That does turn me off to things..and I do know about that chip that's right in your pinial gland!

Me and my fellow Universe B'er Lewis, always talk about "GLORIFICATION" A lot of stupid people like artist and things because they feel they are suppose to. Jane you are so individually expressive that if you feel for a second that you can be put in the same bucket with anyone else you feel as if your expression has been compromised! That is why you seek new words to use so that you don't have to use words that have too many people's slant to them...
Glorification heppens when people like Kanye West feel like they have to tell you that thier music is cool and soulful and John ledgend is a good singer because he has a soulful voice and that the beat he made is good because it came from this sample and he hired these people to do whatever!

After all that you be like! Damn! Why couldn't I just decide weather I liked it for myself. And these clones sit here and listen to it and think they are catching in...

But Jane just know that they aren't listening to it on the level you ARE!

At May 23, 2007 at 9:23 PM , Blogger K. Breezy said...

I can't think of the last time I LOOOOOVED a song...music, to me, as someone who is so in love with the theory of it, is very mathematical and predictable. But I still secretly love music more than almost anything, maybe more than anything period, because even my poems are about jazz.

But today, I heard "Love for Sale," by Vivian Green from the De-Lovely soundtrack, and I felt...different. I haven't felt that way in a minute. While I do enjoy listening to certain songs, and have heard them 1000s of times (for example, "Mr. Paganini," and "Flashlight"), love and obsession, or as we would call it in romantic terms, infatuation, are two totally different things. I love to dance. And so I find songs I can dance to. I love to sing, and so I find songs I can belt out. But today when I heard this song in the car, I was like, Whoooaaa...maybe because of the bass line, maybe because of the melody, or the singer. The only other times recently I've felt this way (sounds so mushy) were hearing "Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)" by Stevie Wonder and "Misty" by Leah in the Spelman Jazz Ensemble...oh, yeah, and hearing this other Leah play Sibelius's "Andante Festivo" back in 11th grade. Wow, it's all coming back to me now...

About the happy meal thing---it's really hard for me to like something---anything---when others do. I'm a girl. Why don't I wear those big obnoxious belts? Well. Not only are they obnoxious, but exceedingly popular, as are leggings, and other things. I just can't bear the thought of blending in. I don't and I won't. It's more important to me in fashion than in music, but I used to be that way with music, which is perhaps why I listen to jazz, because no one else I know does. And it makes me look cool. :)

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