The Imagination Campaign

"The Imagination Campaign embraces the idea of using Imaginations from every corner of the globe to form a collective that is conscious of its power and responsibility for future generations. In as much as The Imagination Campaign has everything to do with Janelle Monáe’s musical odyssey, it also highlights the individual activity of her supporters in a way that introduces them to peers in their surrounding area and encourages them to be fearless in pursuing their dreams."

What does that mean 2.0?

Well, what it means is that the Imagination Campaign is about YOU! Yes, JM is the pioneer and archetype individual for the campaign. But the first thing even she would tell you is that her intrepid use of Imagination is meant to be inspiration for you to follow YOUR dreams. She always says, "Success is best shared with others."

We desire:
To encourage fearlessness
To seek freedom through innovation & productivity
To plant revolutions with the seeds of hope and knowledge

...and none of this is possible without you. So the next time you are at a show and you see people waving their picket signs like crazy, know that they are acting up as a way of thanking Janelle Monáe and the Wondaland Arts Society for reminding them that it is okay to be yourself, without fear, and with the support of others. And if you don't have a sign in your hand or a button on your chest, find one, free yourself, and encourage others.

It feels really good.

Campaign Manager,


At June 12, 2008 at 10:08 PM , Blogger Shuttafly said...

2.0bama, it does feel damn good! And I'm going to take this time to officially apologize if I happen to slightly annoy others while I'm "freeing myself" at JM's highly invigorating shows. 'Cuz Lord knows I'm NOT afraid to show my thanks and appreciation in the most enthused way possible.

So wave that sign high! Act like fool in love! You know you want to.

The soul will thank you.

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