10 personal growth lessons from children | Evolving Times

When I read this list, I was happy to know that I do a lot of things
on there with aplomb (hehehe). I've noticed that the folks around me
who seem the happiest tend to do things on this list a lot too.

A lot of you are happy. Keep dancing.


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At January 22, 2008 at 4:52 PM , Blogger Dot Techno Mania said...

My favorite one was about not containing your excitment about any particular thing. That's the one I fall short on the most. He was so right about why we do it too...
Sometimes if people find someone interesting or maybe that person just puts a smile on your face, peole wont even go up to people and let them know that. Somehow it's become taboo to let people know you apreciate them.


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