Hello Janelle Monae,

A few of my campaign interns have introduced me to your art. I'm impressed by your soulful and futuristic style that interbreeds Sam Cooke with Judy Garland. I'm captivated by your astonishing gift to convey heavy issues with symbolic design. And, I find your message to be powerful yet fun. I wish nothing but the best for you. Continue to introduce us to all the Wondaland Art Society has to offer. Wishing you nothing but the best.

-Barack Obama


At April 9, 2008 at 3:25 PM , Blogger Crnk Mnky said...

whoa! did he really send that? cool.
interbreeding, eh?..

:? so Sam Cooke seduced Judy Garland, and the much delayed result is history!

At April 10, 2008 at 10:11 AM , Blogger Buzz Stephens said...

Speaking of Judy Garland, there is an exciting group on Yahoo called The Judy Garland Experience that all Judy fans should visit.
The group features ultra rare files, photo's, magazine articles, lively discussions, and the rarest Garland audio recordings to be found anywhere!
The membership includes fans of all levels, authors, filmakers, Garland family members, people who knew and worked with Judy, other celebrities, and more!
The only one missing is you.
This weeks featured audio includes a never released Garland concert from the mid sixties, rare studio session outtakes, a plethora of radio performances including Judy's take on It Had To Be You, Confess, They Didn't Believe Me, and many others.
On the Where Judy Played segment they are featuring ten years worth of Louis Armstrong performances from The Ed Sullivan Show, and this weeks song interpretations focusses on Long Ago And Far Away with rare recordings of the song by Judy and Barbra Streisand, as well as Bev Kelly and Johnny Hartman.
There are tons of other audio treasures posted as well, and the great thing is they change every week!
Please stop by our little Judyville and check it out. I promise you, you may never want to leave!



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