Jane at SXSW!!!!!!!

Hello humanoids!;)

Hope this finds you shaving or smack dab in the middle of washing your hair!

If so, Stop!

I wanted to let ya know The Wondaland Arts Society and I will be in Austin, TX for SXSW this year!

This will be my first time playing SXSW and I am really excited about being apart of the festival! I've heard nothing but cool things! I'm also excited about meeting new artists and hopefully getting the chance to catch their performances!:-) I love supporting!

Most of all, I am excited to meet you guys there! Remember, even if you can't make it--send a friend, loved one, teacher, grand parent, superviser, etc.:-) We'll all go somewhere special.:)

Dates & times are listed below! Can't wait to meet you guys!


Wed 3/18-NPR @ Stubb's 8p

Thurs 3/19
-Afro-Punk @ Austin Music Hall 11p

Fri 3/20
-MTVU (Private)
Sat 3/21-Rolling Stone @ Peckerheads 2:30p
Chop Shop @ Brush Square Park 6:30p
GoTV @ Vice 12a


At March 23, 2009 at 3:54 PM , Blogger Lauren said...

You guys were amazing on Saturday! Check out sacurrent.com to see the video we got!


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