Meet my new friend Kevin Barnes!

Kevin is a musical genius... A golden andriod with a purple fist. He
plays the drums, piano, guitar, dandelion, and so much more-- Wrote
and produced about 10 albums to date...

I went to check out his band "Of Montreal" @ Tabernacle (Atlanta) last
Saturday and my mind was blown...

What got me: I had seen a pic of Kevin in NY at his show riding a
white stallion. How sick?! I rared a white stallion in the short film,
Many Moons, and knew he and I spoke similar language and we needed to

Their latest release, Skeletal Lamping is amazing...

Check out the band "Of Montreal", www.myspace.com/ofmontreal. If they
are in your town GO see em', ya won't be disappointed. Kevin's entire
team is amazing! Hey Sinkaine!


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