JM & Jon Heder's "Winter Wondaland"!


I just wanted to show you my first/new holiday commercial with GAP.;) Jon Heder ("Napoleon Dynamite" movie) was a blast to work with! Of course it took a lot for me not to laugh at his antics! He is a wonderfully wild guy.:) We had a lot fun filming this!

I always thought GAP was a pretty cool company growing up--especially during the holidays when they'd premiere some of there CLASSIC sweaters.;) Glad to see em' back! After reading their Social Responsibility Report, (http://www.gapinc.com/public/SocialResponsibility/socialres.shtml), that helped influence my decision on getting involved in the campaign.;)

Everyone over at GAP was amazingly hospitable to me! They made sure I was comfortable all around;) Thank you guys!

On www.gap.com there are other videos; a rendition of "Jungle Bells" with myself and a whole lot of cool TV personalities in it. There is also a rendition of "Baby It's Cold Outside" with one of my favorite TV personalities, Rainn Wilson (The Office) and Selma Blair!

Thank you for your support and I'll keep you guys posted on my next endeavors...



Meet my new friend Kevin Barnes!

Kevin is a musical genius... A golden andriod with a purple fist. He
plays the drums, piano, guitar, dandelion, and so much more-- Wrote
and produced about 10 albums to date...

I went to check out his band "Of Montreal" @ Tabernacle (Atlanta) last
Saturday and my mind was blown...

What got me: I had seen a pic of Kevin in NY at his show riding a
white stallion. How sick?! I rared a white stallion in the short film,
Many Moons, and knew he and I spoke similar language and we needed to

Their latest release, Skeletal Lamping is amazing...

Check out the band "Of Montreal", www.myspace.com/ofmontreal. If they
are in your town GO see em', ya won't be disappointed. Kevin's entire
team is amazing! Hey Sinkaine!


Sincerely, You

Sincerely, _______" Contest

Great news, Rolling Stone Magazine has asked Janelle Monáe to come and perform in New York City!!!

Due to high demand there are only a limited number of tickets available for this event. We all know how Janelle Monáe feels about having her supporters at any AND all of her performances. It's a must! She loves when her supporters are there, participating in the action and having fun with her while she performs.

In order to make sure we can have some of the most loyal Janelle Monáe supporters at this next show, we've decided to host a contest!! We are asking you to take Ms. Monáe's electrifying tunes, "Sincerely, Jane" or Violet Stars Happy Hunting! and record yourself singing & dancing to the first verse and chorus! Can't decide between the songs?! Do both!

Don't worry, there's no pressure. This contest is meant to be fun, and a great vehicle for you to use your Imagination. Don't worry about submitting something that is "professional" quality or professionally "edited," etc. We only ask that you adhere to this one requirement-- This video MUST be from your heart.

Go! Find a computer, a web cam, a digital camera, an HVX, a my first Sony Cam, or whatever you can get your hands on and start making your "Sincerely, (insert your name here)" video!


We will be selecting 5 true supporters who have uploaded their "Sincerely, _______" video.

Those 5 will receive free concert tickets to be with Janelle Monáe and The Wondaland Arts Society on November 19th at 7pm The Highline Ballroom.

First 5 people to submit their Sincerely,____ video win!!


  • Upload video to YouTube and email thechase@wondalandarts.com with the link.
  • Email must have the subject line: Sincerely,__(insert your name)__Contest Submission

November 16th COB/5:00pm (close of business)

Contest Winner Notification:
November 17th

*All contest winners are responsible for all personal travel & lodging accommodations to New York City.


JM in The Wallstreet Journal

CMJ performance review.:)